Sunday, June 24, 2012

How do you change "silo based thinking" shared from

Hello everyone, sorry for the delay in posting again, I have been on the road training at various gembas and conferences across the U.S.   It's often difficult to post regularly so I apologize.  I will try to do better.   Hopefully there is plenty of good information on my blog to use as a reference for years to come :).
This post is sharing some of the good information be discussed on another site called The Lean Edge.  It's a website where many of us consultants, authors and business leaders get together and share thoughts based on questions that are asked by people trying to change the way they do business and the challenges that come with that.

I now have the honor to contribute to discussions so this post is about sharing my post this week and giving you the opportunity to learn from other Lean leaders. 

The question posted on is - "What are the five major things we need to do to help us successfully transform a silo based organization into one focused on business processes, and what are the biggest risks we need to look out for?"

Go here to see the different answers to this question.  Enjoy!  I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far~!

Until next time,
Tracey Richardson