Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sometimes the simplest examples are the best!

Thanks John Shook for sharing this with me. Sometimes when I train people they want elaborate examples to learn about waste and even how to identify it. As Ive taught, waste is all around us, sometimes we just accept it as "the norm" and never ask enough questions. John shared this with me this week, thought I would post on my blog. Sorry for my absence lately. I have become a sensei on the A3 Dojo at so its hard to keep up with everything with my travel schedule. I will try harder to post, especially the good stuff from the dojo!! Enjoy the example below, its probably something we all have encounter in one way or another. Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday everyone!! Here is the link. Enjoy!

Tracey Richardson


  1. Thanks, Tracey. Great blog here. I've linked to it on mine.

  2. Yes. It is actually quite similar to value stream mapping a single site. Each process box typically represents a facility and includes lead-time, total value creating time, etc. In addition to looking at lead time versus value creating time, you would look at things like transportation time between facilities.
    My book (Improving the Extended Value Stream) includes examples.lean manufacturing training