Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Why do we have to call it something?

Hello everyone,
This weeks blog I will take you to the Lean Enterprise Institute's A3 Dojo at http://www.lean.org/a3dojo

The column is about "Don't Call it Anything".  I believe that using labels to describe what I consider to be actions can be hindering for the drive for improvement.    I'm not saying Lean is a bad word, its just often misused or misunderstood by many and it's becomes an add-on to someone's job versus their actual job and daily responsibilities.

Check out the column and visit me at the Dojo where I am a sensei.   Would love for you or others to share their thoughts about A3 thinking, coaching, problem solving or anything around those subjects you would like to learn more about.

Go here!

Until next time
Tracey Richardson

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