Sunday, December 30, 2012

Caused versus Created gap A3's (Problem Solving vs Proposal / Strategy)

I thought I would share this short video clip I  did at the Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI) @leandotorg in Cambridge, MA.

This clip gives a brief description of "caused" versus "created" gaps, and which A3 format do you use for each one.

I teach several different types of courses for LEI, 3 of them particularly involve training around Problem Solving A3's:
  • Managing to Learn A3 (2-day)
  • Lean Problem Solving (1 day)
  • Problem Solving aligning People, Purpose and Process
Each of these courses we discuss Problem Solving A3's "caused gaps".    What I am finding is participants often bring "created gap" problem to class.   This video was an attempt to try and clarify the difference between the two, and to enhance the class experience by select the right type of problem.  I hope this is helpful not only for LEI courses, but in general to know there are different types of problems!

Please take a look!!

Until next time,
Tracey Richardson


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